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What is E3 Fair?
The E3 Fair began in 1991 and was organized by, and is funded by, engineering societies of the Rochester area and local industries. Its purpose is to increase interest in engineering and technology in middle school students (Grades 6 – 8), who not only learn team and process concepts as a result of their projects, but also learn about careers in engineering from professional engineers at the Fair. The E3 Fair Committee is all volunteer - comprised of engineers representing various Rochester engineering societies and community members who want to support this worthwhile event. 
    E3 Fair Panorama

There are three competition Options for students participating in the E3 Fair.

Students entering Option I, Science/Engineering Project, prepare a project or experiment based upon engineering or technology principles.

These Projects are exhibited and judged the day of the Fair.


 Option II, Simple Machine, asks students to design and build a
motorized LEGO vehicle that
performs a predetermined challenge.

These range from Cranes to Race Cars
to Tractor-pull vehicles.


Option III, Robotics: ‘A-Maze-ing Robot’ Design, construct and program a robot, to navigate a maze from the “Start” box to the “Finish” Box in the shortest time.

You may download the 2019 Guidelines for all three Options from this web site.

     Student competitions take place during the 9 am to noon session on the day of the Fair.  Local engineering Societies supply the energy to make this event happen, and run technology booths catering to the entire community, with many families and community groups enjoying their visit to this unique event.  Middle schools in Monroe County, as well as many schools in surrounding counties, participate in the E3 Fair. If you have participated in past Fairs, we hope to see you again. If you have not previously participated, join in – you will not be disappointed. It is a rewarding and fun-filled experience.

E3 ( E-CUBED) stands for Engineering, Exploration, and Experimentation. It was organized by Professionals from the Rochester engineering community, as an extension of National Engineer's Week. Conceived originally by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the objective is to provide opportunities for middle school students in Rochester and the surrounding community to learn about engineering professions, to meet and interact with practicing engineers, and to begin learning how to "engineer" solutions to problems.

    High school students and their parents are also encouraged to attend the Fair, to take advantage of the CAREER OPPORTUNITIES offered by this event. Because of the high level of participation by the Rochester engineering and technology community, there will be an extraordinary concentration of engineering and technical professionals at the Fair, willing to share information and advice relating to career opportunities in engineering and technology.  

Principal Funding

RIT IEEE Rochester Section ASME Rochester Section

How Can My Professional Organization Get Involved?

     An important component of the Fair is the participation by professional engineers and engineering societies, local industries and engineering firms, schools and universities. This participation is largely manifested in the display booths (many offering hands-on engineering activities) that are exhibited at the Fair and are designed to acquaint students with engineering professions, opportunities and challenges; by financial support for the organization of the Fair; and in the mentoring of middle school students by engineers, as the students prepare for the Fair. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to learn what engineers "do" and "how and why they do it."

     Since its inception, the Fair has been a terrific success. Each year it has grown in size and in the level of support. More than 4000 total students attended the Fairs in 1996 and 1997, and approximately 1300 total middle school students actually participated in the Fair over the last two years. The numbers have increased each year since the Fair's inception. You can be part of the E3 team and participate in a variety of different ways:

 •  The Fair needs your financial support. Much of the budget is used to provide awards, prizes, certificates, and Fair mementos to the students. We do our best to make sure that every student participating in E3 takes home something. The remainder of the budget is used to put on the Fair. The Fair is organized and run entirely by volunteers. It is nonprofit; all moneys donated are used for the Fair.  Donations may be made by check payable to RES and sent to:

Dr. Satish Kandlikar
- Mechanical Engineering Department
76 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623

•  The Fair needs your help in providing booths with displays (preferably hands-on) or demonstrations of engineering principles or technologies to be exhibited at the Fair.

•  The Fair needs volunteers to serve as judges or engineering mentors to the students participating in the Fair.

•  The Fair needs volunteers to take part in the various planning and organizational activities - there are plenty of ways to help!

      Students recieve a (still-warm) screwdriver,           Student becomes the gimble in a human-gyroscope
molded on site                                                                            

For more information contact:

The Rochester Engineering Society

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