E3 Fair Booth Registration
Planning is underway for the E3 Engineering and Technology Fair!  The many students who participate and visit the Fair all look forward to your participation.

Standard booth size will be 10'x10'. Booths have an 8' high curtained backdrop and 3' high curtained side dividers. Each booth has an 8'Lx2'W skirted table and two chairs.
The booths cost the E3Fair $65.00 each, and our hope is that the user will pay this fee through us. 
Please make check payable to E3 Fair and mail to:
Rochester Engineering Society
150 State Street
Rochester, NY 14614-1307

Please submit this form by March 30





           State:          Zip Code: 


Please provide a short description of the "Engineering or Technology" demonstrated at your booth:

For example, the ASME submits:
A series of "almost magic", hands-on, technical demonstrations on buoyancy, inertia, and optical
phenomena, also a "Human Gyroscope" bicycle-wheel demonstration and making green-slime,
triggering a discussion about polymerizeration.

Is the booth "Hands on"? yes    no

Do you need Internet access? yes    no
   If so, provide the MAC address of your wireless adapter: 

Do you need compressed air?yes    no 

Do you need 110v power yes    no 
    If so, do you need dedicated 110v power for a high power display? yes    no 

Booth Size? 10'x10'    10'x20'    10'x30'    special (Describe below)   

Other special requirements (water, lighting, compressed air, corner location, etc.):

Are you a human? What college is the E3 Fair being held at?

Please plan to setup on the day of the Fair: 8 am to 9 am and dismantle immediately after the Fair.